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What I Do

I'm Nick Savva, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, specialising in Foot and Ankle surgery.

I work in the NHS at Dorset County Hospital.  I also work privately at the Winterbourne Hospital in Dorset, and at the Fortius Clinic in London.

My Patients


I treat all adult patients with foot and ankle problems.  I regularly attend meetings of foot and ankle surgeons where we pool our collective experience of rare and difficult conditions. If your problem is particularly difficult or unusual it will feature in one of these meetings.

Sports injuries are of particular interest to me.  My practice at the Fortius Clinic in London regularly exposes me to professional and non-professional athletes.

Arthritis forms a large part of my work.  There is an array of non-operative options that can make a difference to pain, deformities and quality of life in general.  There are also surgical options.  Arthritis can occur at any stage in life, but it tends to occur as we age. Seniority is no barrier to treatment.  Nor is it a barrier to surgery.  General anaesthesia is a very safe option, although, almost every surgical procedure that I perform can be done under some form of spinal, regional or local anaesthesia.


The majority of my patients are 10 years or older.  I do treat children younger than this.  However, foot and ankle surgery in younger children is very specialised.  If I am not happy treating a particularly young patient I will know who to send them to.

What Procedures Do I Perform?


Injections for sports injuries, tendon problems and arthritis

There are many different types of injection including steroid, bone marrow or platelet rich plasma (PRP).

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy and other tendon problems.


Arthroscopy, where a small telescope is inserted into a joint. This is a very useful tool in the treatment of sports injuries and arthritis.


Osteotomy, where a bone is cut and repositioned to alleviate pressure, pain or change the shape of the foot. Bunion surgery is a good example of osteotomy surgery.


Arthrodesis, where a damaged or arthritic joint is fused. This stops the joint moving and so stops the pain. This is commonly used to deal with claw and hammer toes. It is also regularly used to treat arthritis of the ankle and big toe joint.

Excision Surgery

Excision surgery, in which something is removed. Good examples are in-growing toe nails and Morton’s interdigital neuroma.

Tendon Surgery

Tendons can be debrided if they are thickened and inflamed. They can also be transferred to a different anatomical location to help another failing tendon. Such procedures are commonly performed for flat feet or complications of spinal surgery.


Arthroplasty is a procedure to replace a joint. I perform ankle and big toe arthroplasty regularly. Compared with hips and knees however, these kinds of replacements are not performed frequently.

My Fees

New Patient Appointment


New Patients

This fee applies to first appointments only

Follow Up Appointments


Existing Patients

This fee applies to all subsequent appointments

I charge £280 when I meet you for the first time.  This appointment usually lasts half an hour.  If you need tests such as X-Rays or MRI scans these cost extra. We will seek your permission for any additional costs in advance.