The Surgeons Perspective

My first impression of Jack was how remarkable he was. He had a significant deformity of his foot but despite this was working hard in a manual job and playing football and cricket regularly.

Jack’s opening line to me was that he had some toes that were crossing over making sport difficult. It very soon became apparent that he had a significant residual deformity from a condition he was born with called congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV). Colloquially this is called a club foot.

He had appeared in the television documentary about Southampton General when he was a child being treated there. He clearly had a complicated problem with multiple scars from previous procedures. For patients such as Jack we run complex-case clinics where several consultants get together to review a patient and pool their experience. We all find these very useful. It is often useful for the patient to hear the discussions around the complexities of their problem and the decision-making process. In Jack’s case I also got in touch with his original surgeon from Southampton for copies of his operation notes. It is always good to be as well prepared as possible.

We went ahead with surgery in November 2020 and Jack has recovered predictably well. He was back at work after a couple of months and has played sport all summer.

Very satisfying all round!

The Patient’s Perspective

I went to see Mr Savva in 2019 due to problems with my left foot. I was born with club feet and had crossed toes on my left foot. I had surgery on both feet to try straightening them as a child in Southampton. When I was 10 years old my left foot started to turn in again and I had another operation. I was told that further down the line I would need my toes to be done again. I was happy where I was as I was enjoying playing plenty of sport.

My toes did cross over again and it was becoming increasingly difficult to play sport. In 2019 I went to see Mr Savva to see if he would be able to straighten my toes and flatten the arch on my foot. He advised me that we should go to a meeting with himself and 3 other consultants to try and find out the best way possible to do the operation as I was a complex case. The aim was to make my foot more comfortable and help with my hips and back in the long term. I wanted to continue to play football and cricket afterwards. After having the meeting in 2020 and after COVID-19 Mr Savva then saw me again to talk me through the procedure. I was happy to proceed in full confidence in his work. He had even contacted the original surgeon who had operated on me as a child.

I went in for surgery on November 20th 2020 and I understand it took a good few hours. I woke up to having straight toes which I haven’t ever had on my left foot and was truly amazed at the work Mr Savva had managed to do. I was in plaster for 6 weeks. Coming out of the plaster was a great relief. I could immediately see how good a job he had done. My foot was flat on the floor and my toes straight for the first time in years. I spent another 6 weeks in a boot to try help me get weight bearing again and by the 4th week I was able to walk without the boot.

Rehab is going really well starting to build up more muscle in my calf and legs to be able to get back to normal life enjoying my football and cricket. I am now without lower back and hip pain thanks to all the work Mr Savva has been able to do on my foot and am truly grateful at what he has done would highly recommend going to see him.